miercuri, 19 mai 2010

Stiri pe scurt

Pentru ca n-am apucat azi sa termin urmatorul episod din seria cu hidrogenul.

Din categoria povestiri cu ursuleti pentru cei care apreciaza ironia si rosul pe burse:
Three Bears – Testing 10,000
Once upon a time there were three bears: One bear was named Ink and he was fathered by Fed Bear who'd fashioned him out of too many zeroes. The second bear's name was Euro. She was a little scammer born of royal parentage to further the idea that bankrupt countries are stronger together. And Euro Bear had something else going for her: She was a graduate of Zimbabwe's famous Robert Mugabe School of Economics.

The third bear was known by a much simpler name: "Sellers".

In today's adventures, Euro Bear is showing Sellers Bear what happens when Ink bear starts in a half hour in the Land of the Brave, Home of the Renters.

But already this morning, France and Germany have been down almost 2½ percent while the UK (pronounced yuk!) has been down 2¼%.

Watching the markets on days like this (from the sidelines since I missed by perfect entry point this week because I was screwing around trying to get rid of my Porsche and get an airplane - the car is now listed on eBay.) I can only mutter "Damn those bears, I told them when they'd be set free long before anyone else, yet when it came down to it...I got left behind.

Or did I?
Din categoria naked short selling. O continuare a excelentei povesti inceputa de Matt Taibbi anul trecut cu articolul Wall Street's Naked Swindle. De data asta mos Horea a fost pe faza:
Salvarea euro
Uite ce au salvat nemtii si francezii, exact cum va spuneam doar acum vre-o cateva zile. Iata o stire care mi-a fost proiectata de delta trading pe ecran. Nemtii interzic shorturile, pozitiile scurte, in instrumentele afisate. Deschide bine ochii si vezi, ele sunt toate banci sau institutii financiare. Inca o data: oare ce au vrut sa salveze Merkel, dar mai ales Sarkozy amenintatorul?

a) Euro?
b) Pe mine ca sa nu devin neamt sau francez?
c) Chilotii domnului Trichet de la spalat?
d) Bancile imputite de datorii, care s-au jucat si ars in totalitate banii contribuabilului ?
Din categoria nici o fapta buna nu ramane nepedepsita. Se pare ca cineva acolo sus vegheaza la sanatatea noastra, a celor care ne incapatanam sa refuzam vaccinarile cu si fara rost:
Institutul Cantacuzino la un pas de faliment
Situatia financiară a Institutului Cantacuzino este delicată si fără iesire, cel putin în acest moment. Lipsa avizelor sanitare pentru producerea vaccinurilor si facturile neachitate de către unitătile din subordinea Ministerului Sănătătii, au dus la un bolcaj finanicar care nu îi permite Institutului să îsi plătească la timp angajatii si furnizorii.
Din categoria povesti cu hackeri. Ca tot sunt la moda ispravile RNS apropo de imaginea Romaniei in lume:
'They can't return me to a place I wasn't in'

So, what punishment would be appropriate?

A punishment proportionate to the crime and consistent with other accused hackers in the UK, including those accused of hacking into the Pentagon. As Robert Gates from the Pentagon said: 300 people a day still infiltrate Nasa and US military computers. There have been no other extradition requests from the US for any other hackers in the world, including a Romanian hacker who hacked into the Pentagon and was sentenced to eight months in Romania, and an Israeli hacker who hacked into the Pentagon and was not even given a sentence and no extradition request.

What were you looking for at Nasa?

Suppressed evidence of reverse engineered UFO technology, free energy that would help to stop climate change and would help to stop old age pensioners from dying of cold... and also evidence of anti-gravity.

What did you find?

A space fleet and an impressive UFO and a total lack of Nasa and military internet security, which I found truly shocking which is why I alerted them via cyber notes.

P.S. Rog luati in considerare ceea ce spuneam AICI inainte de adaugarea unor eventuale comentarii. Va multumesc.

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