marți, 23 februarie 2010

Space Weather

Dupa cum ati remarcat, coincidentele se tin lant. Semnalam aici activitatea solara crescuta de saptamana trecuta care a adus bucurie astronomilor, fotografilor de aurore boreale si radio amatorilor. Sunt sigur ca doar intamplarea face ca pana de curent aparuta atunci si vremea calda din ultimele zile sa fi survenit tocmai acum.

Se pare insa ca soarele se tine in continuare de shotii:
February 22, 2010
Space Weather

NASA spacecraft and amateur astronomers alike are monitoring a staggeringly-long filament of magnetism on the sun. It stretches more than a million kilometers around the sun's southeastern limb

As this movie shows, the filament has remained mostly stable for at least two days. However, similar filaments in the past have been known to collapse, and when they hit the surface of the sun--bang! A tremendous explosion called a "Hyder flare" results, sometimes rivaling the strongest flares produced by sunspots. Solar physicists have not yet learned to predict Hyder flares, so we cannot estimate the odds of one now. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.
Oricum, macar de data asta "oamenii de stiinta" sunt sinceri:
The bottom line is that at this stage in solar physics we do not really know what produces a flare nor what produces a CME. There are competing theories, but all tend to have deficiencies with respect to matching the observational evidence. We certainly believe that they all depend on the reconfiguration of magnetic fields as their primary energy source, but in the final analysis, we really only believe this because we can conceive of no other solar energy source of sufficient magnitude.
Asadar, daca aveati de gand sa mergeti la plaja zilele astea, sa nu uitati crema de protectie ochelarii de soare si cafeaua... smile.gif

P.S. Rog luati in considerare ceea ce spuneam AICI inainte de adaugarea unor eventuale comentarii. Va multumesc.

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  1. Asta imi aminteste de "electric universe"

  2. Hehe, vezi cum se leaga lucrurile...? ;-)

    Banuiesc ca ai vazut deja prezentarea ASTA. De cand ziceam eu ca mai avem de lucru pana se va face lumina chiar si in fenomenele considerate acum arhicunoscute precum gravitatia... :-)

  3. Flavian da un search cu gogu dupa bloom box sau bloom energy....

  4. B - cred ca voiai sa postezi la articolul anterior

    Oricum, nu am inteles ce voiai sa gasesc in afara de ceea ce se explica deja in film.

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