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Link-urile ultimelor zile - international

Pe plan international avem o gramada de articole si idei interesante care se inmultesc in ultima vreme. Lumea incepe sa se prinda cum stau lucrurile. Si cum tot vorbeam in postul anterior despre posibile masuri concrete care ar trebui luate, avem aici un exemplu:

Nate’s Editorial – Separate Corporations and Their Money from State!

The BEA, the BLS, in fact ALL government reports are suspect. All reporting of government statistics should be scrapped. The Fed should be abolished, The central banks and bankers should be removed – as in gone, a new money system should be put in place, there should be a Constitutional Amendment dictating the SEPARATION OF CORPORATIONS AND THEIR MONEY FROM STATE, and finally, there should be a new government agency responsible for collecting and reporting economic statistics and that agency should have a mandate to develop data collection methods that cannot be changed over time and there should also be a mandate to release RAW DATA with every report, there should be absolute transparency in that all the calculations and all collection methods should be easily viewable by anyone. Oh, and NO ONE, not even the President should have access to the information before the public!
Evident ca ideea ca astfel de masuri incep sa fie prezentate si faptul ca lumea vorbeste tot mai deschis despre ele, incepe sa devina un pic inconfortabil pentru anumite personaje:

Why Bernanke is in panic mode

Usually, when Ben Bernanke is interviewed, he has the demeanor of a college professor in the presence of freshman students. Of course, as a full professor, he did not have to teach freshmen. That is for untenured assistant professors to do. Stammering and stuttering are therefore a real departure for him. There is a reason for this.

For the first time since 1914, there is a public debate in Congress over the Federal Reserve’s power. Never before has a majority of the House of Representatives called for what should always have existed: Congressional scrutiny over the FED’s money. Bernanke says that Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve is a bill to audit Federal Reserve policy. Yet the bill says nothing about auditing policy. So, what is he talking about?

Intrebarea devine si mai interesanta cand ne gandim ce incearca sa mai ascunda totusi FED-ul cand lumea stie deja cine sunt principalii autori ai deturnarilor de fonduri, coruptiei si manipularilor:

Five Firms Hold 80% of Derivatives Risk, Fitch Report Finds
About 80% of the derivative assets and liabilities carried on the balance sheets of 100 companies reviewed by Fitch were held by five banks: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. Those five banks also account for more than 96% of the companies' exposure to credit derivatives.
E simplu. Cele 5 principale companii detinatoare de risc trebuie protejat cu orice pret. Colapsul uneia dintre ele ar duce la un Lehman II si apoi stim ce va urma.

Dar asta nu inseamna ca acest tratament se aplica si la cei mici. Doar nu credeati ca termenii de "piata libera" si "capitalism" mai au vreo valoare in ziua de azi ?

FDIC Bank Failure Update
The FDIC closed five more banks on Friday, and that brings the total FDIC bank failures to 69 in 2009. The following graph shows bank failures by week in 2009.
Cu toate astea, lumea e tot mai vesela. Criza e pe terminate, bursele cresc, recesiunea e gata. Cum, nu va vine sa credeti ? O spune chiar Peter Schiff, taticul prezicatorilor acestei crize: This recession is over... but the depression is just getting started :)

Sau poate preferati varianta lui Marc Faber:

Dr. Marc Faber – “This is not the final crisis…”

Dr. Faber goes on to say, “This is not the final crisis. The final crisis is the one where the whole system will collapse and the whole system will be cleaned of corrupt politicians and incompetent policy makers!”

BRAVO! It is unfortunate that we are heading in that direction, but that’s exactly the way I see it. Keep in mind that Dr. Faber has a terrific track record of calling the crisis and he was correctly calling for an extended rally from the March lows…
Mda, se pare ca in ultima vreme analistii independenti si internetul prind tot mai mult teren. Iar televiziunile clasice incep sa-si piarda credibilitatea. Semn ca lumea incet-incet se trezeste. Si se cam satura de gogosile servite zilnic la tembelizor:


Despite the most fascinating economic environment of the last 80 years viewers are actually turning their backs on financial TV’s powerhouse network. Why?

It’s simple in my opinion. Investors are fed up with being spoon fed the perma-bull outlook. For 10 years now investors have listened to financial news networks feed them the “everything is going to be fine” line. And now,10 years later investors are realizing that everything is not fine. In fact, things are pretty bad. Stocks haven’t budged in 10 years and unemployment is at a 25 year high. Investors are tired of being lied to.

Si cum tot vorbeam de televiziuni, incheiem prin a ne descreti un pic fruntile cu un filmulet simpatic care prezinta modul in care FED-ul isi conduce afacerile cu bancile:

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