joi, 16 iulie 2009

Link-urile zilnice

O alta colectie de linkuri care nu pot fi incadrate la o tema anume.

Niste comentarii excelente pe tema ultimelor aventuri GS, problemelor energetice si de infrastructura:

Wobble Time
The cat coming out of the bag this week -- a frazzled, flaming, rabid, death-dealing cat -- is the news that Goldman Sachs will announce impressive second-quarter profits, and set aside $18 billion or so for employee bonuses averaging $600,000 per head (though, of course, not evenly distributed among them). There probably are not fifty-three people in the USA who can explain how this development figures in with last fall's bailout gift from the US treasury, or the $13 billion GS received on the backside of US gift payments to the failed AIG insurance company, plus the reams of necrotic securitized debt paper rotting in the back of the GS vaults. This is a company playing with the fire of world history.

It brings back the question, which has loomed dimly at the margins of America's collective consciousness, as to whether we can get through the long emergency ahead without going through a wringer of domestic political convulsion. At this rate, sooner or later, anything identified with wealth could become a target for the wrath of the unemployed and foreclosed. The first rock that flies through an East Hampton window, or the first firebomb tossed into the lobby of Goldman Sachs Manhattan headquarters could ignite a chain of events that shoves all economic policy out of the political arena and quickly divides everyone at the center of power into armies out for blood.

Un articol simpatic pe tema mult-dezbatutei forme a "revenirii" economice. Cu o concluzie interesanta:

When Will The Recovery Begin? Never.

My prediction, then? Not a V, not a U. But an X. This economy can't get back on track because the track we were on for years -- featuring flat or declining median wages, mounting consumer debt, and widening insecurity, not to mention increasing carbon in the atmosphere -- simply cannot be sustained.

The X marks a brand new track -- a new economy. What will it look like? Nobody knows. All we know is the current economy can't "recover" because it can't go back to where it was before the crash. So instead of asking when the recovery will start, we should be asking when and how the new economy will begin. More on this to come.

Apropo de articolul cu monede locale de care vorbeam acum cateva postari:

Schwarznegger to Obama: Watch and Learn

Effectively, California is using its IOUs to create a currency. If this bill passes it would allow California to deficit spend just like the Federal Government and with the IOU's acceptable as payment of state taxes, it instantly imparts value to them (see here and here). In effect, what you have is a state of the union creating a sovereign currency right under the noses of Treasury, Fed. It will be interesting to see what the exchange rate is between California IOU and US currency - the IOUs do offer a yield, so should be less than par by design. I wonder if NY is next.

Mostra de "inteligenta birocratica" bancara:

Stress Test IQ Test for Banks - Wells Fargo Bank Sues Itself

As holder of the first, Wells Fargo is suing all other lien holders, including the holder of the second, which is itself.

... court documents clearly label "Wells Fargo Bank NA" as the plaintiff and "Wells Fargo Bank NA" as a defendant.

Wells Fargo hired Florida Default Law Group., P.L., of Tampa, Fla., to file the lawsuit against itself.

And then Wells Fargo hired another Tampa law firm -- Kass, Shuler, Solomon, Spector, Foyle & Singer P.A. -- to defend itself against its own lawsuit, according to court documents.

Wells Fargo's defense lawyers even filed an answer to their client's own complaint.

"Defendant admits that it is the owner and holder of a mortgage encumbering the subject real property," the answer reads. "All other allegations of the complaint are denied."
Your TARP money hard at work ...

Ron Paul e cunoscut de cativa ani pentru lupta politica pe care o duce "contra sistemului", iar mai nou se pare ca incercarile lui incep sa dea roade:

Fed Independence or Fed Secrecy ?
Last week I was very pleased that hearings were held on the independence of the Federal Reserve system. My bill HR 1207, known as the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, was discussed at length, as well as the general question of whether or not the Federal Reserve should continue to operate independently. The public is demanding transparency in government like never before. A majority of the House has cosponsored HR 1207.

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  1. Chstia cu Ron Paul si transparenta FED s-ar putea sa fie problematica pentru ca scheletele care se ascund prin dulapurile FED s-ar putea sa le scufunde corabia care de abia se mai tine. Sper flavian ca aurul, petrolul si ardelenii pardon ardeenii (de la ardei) ii tii pregatiti la a ta summer retrait bunker HQ... ;)

  2. Stiu si nu ma astept sa obtina Ron Paul ceva peste noapte, ca si in US se misca destul de greu lucrurile. In plus, nu-s de acord cu tot ce zice RP, dar macar il admir pentru perseverenta si cred ca ceea ce a obtinut e un pas semnificativ inainte.

    Iar despre rezerve si prostii gen "apocalipse" o sa-ti povestesc in urmatorul post, pe care il pregateam de vreo cateva zile.

  3. Buna seara,
    Desi am promis ca nu o voi mai face va transmit totusi 2 link-uri (unul în franceza si altul în engleza) al unui articol foarte discutat si comentat pe globo-sfera în aceste zile. Este vorba în principal despre Goldman Sachs, dar poate fi aplicat si altor entitati fianciare.

  4. nu prea are legatura cu subiectul discutat, dar e cel mai recent si postez aici.. dilema mea e urmatoarea.. si eu cred ca o sa urmeze o inflatzie destul de urata.. checked that. in RO sau Us, nu conteaza, ca oricum se va resimtzi global.. acu, intreabarea e: de ce sa nu cumparam acu masinutze/tractorase/apt, daca stim ca o sa fie inlflatzie mare? deci, teoretic, rata va fi din ce in ce mai usor de suportat.. ma rog, depinde si de contract, dar se pot gasi solutzii.. adica de ce sa tzin de bani, cand in mod clar valoarea lor scade.. sa nu zic ca o sa tinda la zero.. cam asta ar fi dilema

  5. Anonim - mersi de linkuri, recomand sa vezi si articolul meu din 14 iulie pe tema eternului GS

    Cristian - ai dreptate prin faptul ca nu trebuie sa tii banii la ciorap sau la banca in acest moment. Dar poate reusesti sa-i folosesti la ceva mai util decat masini sau imobiliare care oricum sunt supraevaluate.

    Vezi un pic si postul acesta in ce priveste pregatirea pentru inflatie: M-am pregatit