marți, 2 iunie 2009

Chinezii, dolarii si magia

Un articol interesant despre aceleasi teme pe care vi le-am mai repetat si eu pe aici si prin alte parti: Have the China Watchers Never Heard of a Decoy

Chestii gen rolul si atitudinea Chinei in inflatia dolarului si economia mondiala.

Sau magia si iepurii din joben de care ma tot miram si eu cat de numerosi au fost.

Si o concluzie frumoasa:

The Chinese have no interest in collapsing the US Treasury market, but if people
think that the Chinese strategy to protect themselves against such an eventuality
is to sit tight, buy more and keep their fingers crossed every thing will work out
fine, then they shouldn’t go out in public alone!

The Chinese have vault loads of intrinsically worthless Treasury Bonds that they
have no doubt used as collateral to buy intrinsically valuable assets. The
Western central bankers in contrast had vault loads of gold that they have loaned
or sold to buy intrinsically worthless interest bearing Government debt!

De fapt, ce mai putem adauga in momentul in care chinezii au ajuns sa cumpere si Hummer, mandria americanilor si un adevarat simbol al fostei lor economii: GM deals Hummer to Chinese buyer

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