duminică, 17 mai 2009

Naked short selling - redefining systemic risk

Tineti minte povestea cu Lehman si legatura cu intregul sistem financiar de care va povesteam AICI ? Ei bine, detaliile incep sa iasa tot mai mult la iveala. Si sunt al naibii de interesante:

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  1. Public announcement GEAB N°35 (May 16, 2009): When the world steps out of a sixty-year old referential frameworkOf course, everyone is free to think that a few points’ monthly variation of a particular economic or financial indicator, itself largely affected by the multiple interventions of public authorities and banks, carries much more value on the evolution of the current crisis than those stepping out of century-old referential frameworks. Everyone is also free to believe that those who anticipated neither the crisis nor its intensity are now in a position to know the precise date when it will end.

    In this 35th issue of the GEAB, we also express our advice on which indicators, in this period of transition between two referential frameworks, are able to provide dependable information on the evolution of the crisis and the economic and financial environment.

    The two other major themes addressed in this May 2009 issue of the GEAB are, first, the programmed failure of the two major economic stimulus plans: namely the Chinese and American plans, and, secondly, the United Kingdom’s appeal to the IMF for financial assistance by the end of summer 2009.

  2. Mersi, nu vazusem ca E2020 au scos deja un nou articol.