vineri, 8 mai 2009

Bancile, stresul si bursele

Revenind la economie si criza, am impresia ca bula asta de la burse incepe sa scape tot mai mult aer. In asteptarea anuntului despre banci, care urmeaza sa vina peste vreo 2 ore bursele americane au intrat pe rosu azi.

Iar semnele se aduna:

Insiders selling at a FURIOUS PACE

Last week there was a report that corporate insiders were selling at a faster rate that at any time since October, 2007 -- right near the top of the market.

Well, the market's only raged higher since then and insider selling is only getting more intense.

If nothing else, it means that a lot of executives probably saw the abyss (a violent drop from the ranks of the wealthy to poor) and want to de-risk to ensure that no matter what happens to their stock, they've taken some skin out of the game.

Hugh Hendry on the Latest Rally...

Am impresia ca si tonul oficial s-a schimbat:

Banks' new stress reliever

"The anticipation is unbelievable," said Hal Reichwald, a partner at Los Angeles law firm Manatt Phelps & Phillips. "The big players are telling the regulators they don't want to see any heavy-handed intervention, but they really just want to get going."

Reichwald said regulators have been slow to make the rules of the program clear to possible participants. The delay hasn't gotten much notice amid the recovery talk and bank-stock rally of the past two months.

"There's been a sense of inevitability about things getting better over time," Reichwald said. But he added that "there's no guarantee" that big commercial real estate companies will be able to keep current on their mortgages.

AIG reports quarterly loss of $4.4 billion. Writedowns total $1.6 billion.

Sa vedem ce o urma maine dupa anuntul efectiv. Reincepe scaderea pe bune sau mai tragem matza de coada un pic ?

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  1. Totul a reintrat in "normalitate" in Romania, bursa creste, creditarea reporneste, dobainzi mai mici, conditii de creditare mai putin restrictive, comertul si-a incetinit caderea, ce mai sintem in a septelea cer. =))

    Propaganda de pe la noi.